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We handle a wide range of masking tapes for any packaging or need.

TAPE 90 (Color packaging)
Economical grade tape with water-based acrylic adhesive, for lightweight packaging, the adhesive is kind to the environment, does not contain solvents, does not crystallize at low temperatures and does not liquefy at high temperatures, does not compromise the integrity of the packaging and your products .
TAPE 130 (High temperature)
Tape with a pressure sensitive adhesive - rubber / resin - specifically resistant to temperature, which can be used in paint baking operations at medium temperature, resists up to 121ºC for 30 minutes.
TAPE 170 (Double layer polyester)
Tape made of a polyester film between 2 layers of adhesive and a silicone backing. With great resistance to tension and gives it great adaptability on various surfaces, it is transparent and is made with high performance water-based acrylic adhesive.

Tape with two layers of adhesive, a paper carrier that has been treated to improve the characteristics of strength and mobility during application and performance, as well as a silicone paper backing.

TAPE 175 (Double layer paper)
TAPE 125 (General Use)
Tape with a pressure sensitive adhesive - rubber / resin - the backing is made of a semi-bleached crepe paper, designed to be used in masking surfaces.
TAPE 190 (PVC Insulator)

Tape made of plasticized PVC film, to be used as an electrical insulator, has excellent adhesiveness, easy handling and maneuverability, resists up to 600 Volts and 80ºC of temperature.

Bio-rented polypropylene tape with pressure sensitive water-based acrylic adhesive (USO 100 and USO 200) and HOT-MELT (USO 500), high strength and reliability, custom printed.

TAPE 500 (Hot melt)
Bio-rented polypropylene tape that gives the tape great resistance to tension and breakage, with pressure-sensitive HOT-MELT adhesive that provides high resistance and reliability.

Economical grade tape made from biorented polypropylene that provides great tensile and tear strength with water-based acrylic adhesive, offers versatility and excellent performance to meet any lightweight packaging need.

Tape made with crepe paper backing and high adhesion pressure sensitive rubber-resin adhesive. Very conformable, with good resistance to tension and high retention force.

TAPE 111
TAPE 179
Tape manufactured with a highly tensile polypropylene backing and a high retention strength adhesive that aggressively bonds over a variety of cardboard exterior finishes.
TAPE 199

Super resistant plastic tape reinforced with Filaments, with excellent mechanical properties, among them: high resistance to tension and cutting, high aggressiveness, instant adhesion, great retention power. The dimensional changes of the tape are minimal when subjected to stress.

Easy cut type plastic tape with excellent tensile strength and adhesive level. Available in different sizes for any need.

TAPE 255
TAPE 330
Insulating tape with high dielectric resistance, self-extinguishing, flexible and elastic. Highly conformable, resistant to humidity and galvanic corrosion. It is very stable at room temperature.
TAPE 340

Vinyl backed tape, highly conformable, resistant to abrasion, chemical solvents and detergents normally used in work areas where it is applied.

Open-weave, conformable cotton fabric tape with cohesive, hypoallergenic and self-sealing adhesive under slight pressure. This tape allows the skin to breathe through several layers that offer comfort.

TAPE 740
TAPE 4021
High performance 0.07 mm thick tape, with polyester backing and rubber-resin adhesive on both sides. Very flexible and conformable to irregular surfaces. High adhesiveness and cohesion.

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